Palestinian State Far More Dangerous to Israel Than BDS Movement

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One thought on “Palestinian State Far More Dangerous to Israel Than BDS Movement

  1. By promulgating the disengenous smear campaign that Omar and Tlaib are “antisemites” who “hate Israel and hate the Jews” you are utilizing the same tactics of secular liberals who portray all conservative Christians standing up for their religious liberty as “hateful bigots” “homophobic” and “misogynists” who just want the “right to discriminate.”

    Supporting BDS or criticizing the Israeli government does not make someone antisemitic. “Israel” and “Jews” are not interchangeable words. You can love the Jewish people and love the Israeli people, as I do, while unequivocally demanding equal human rights for Palestinians. Many American Jews and Israeli Jews have devoted their lives to doing. Palestinians are human beings created in the image of God and no Christian should be okay with the suffering inflicted on them by 70+ years of military occupation and ethnic cleansing.

    Where is your concern for the Palestinian Christians suffering under Israeli occupation? You know they exist, right? Your extreme partisan support for a secular, worldly goverment entity instead of supporting the dignity and human rights of your fellow human beings shows that your worldview is shaped more by politics than the word of God.

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