Will You Accept a Mandatory Vaccination?

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One thought on “Will You Accept a Mandatory Vaccination?

  1. I receive electronic trade magazines, and this personal tracing technology has now been perfected. With the implementation of 5G networks, and facial recognition technology, Big Brother will be able to track your every move in real time, and log your activities. This has already been implemented in China and Russia, and thousands of cameras are being installed in New York City and Washington DC, and other large cities with the purpose of developing facial recognition data bases which will eventually be nation wide.
    Most people don’t realize that an app has been recently installed on their iphones for C Virus 19 tracking. On iphones, go to settings, privacy, then health. There you will see COVID-19 Exposure Logging. Currently, one has the ability to turn this off, but rest assured, either by an embedded code, or a future phone “update”, the ability to turn off tracking will no longer be a choice. The stage is being set to be able to track a person’s every activitiy. Also, the ability to make this app an electronic passport, which will allow the government to restrict a person’s ability to, for example, not allow travel if a vaccination has not been done. This is the beginnings of the introduction of the MARK OF THE BEAST!

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