Legal Battle Intensifies Over Banning Home Bible Studies in California

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One thought on “Legal Battle Intensifies Over Banning Home Bible Studies in California

  1. Thank God for the Liberty Council!!! Where the spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty
    And we will be transformed into Eternity!! This is the last verse in the song I
    Wrote From Glory to Glory!!!
    The Government has No Legal or other right to tell Americans not to have Bible
    Study or Worship. America’s flags are being burned and statues of the Great
    Men who fought for our Freedom have been taken down!! The young people are
    Being brain washed in our University’s. I have a beautiful granddaughter she grew up in a Christian School and won many awards. She taught Sunday School for two years
    After high school graduation. She attended a secular college and some Professors took
    Their class to Cube and she was brain washed by the liberal professors and others.
    She is now in a cult but i will never quit praying that she will come back to Christ. Some
    Of the students who are causing blindness for life with lazier guns are being brain washed and are paid to do these horrible things. We need to keep praying that their
    Mind will be opened to the truth as it is the truth of the Word of God that makes us FREE!

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